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Hi, I'm Aubrey! 👋

I Shatter Glass Ceilings
+ Challenge the Status Quo 💥

Learn more about joining my team! ⬇️

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Name: Aubrey Brown
Sponsor Code: 0074466

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FARMASI employs the latest technology and the most innovative practices at our state-of-the-art FarmaCity, one of the largest cosmetic manufacturers in Europe.
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Lotus Tribe has welcomed over 2,000 beauty influencers into Farmasi, ranging from discount shoppers/hobbyists to those actively building businesses.
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Recruiting Simplified Guide to teach new Beauty Influencers of Farmasi on Team Lotus Tribe how to recruit

Recruiting Simplified Guide

Nervous about building a team? We have a guide that walks you through it every step of the way. 
Skincare Guide for Farmasi Beauty Influencers on the Lotus Tribe Team

Skincare Training Education Guide

Not a skincare expert? We have a skincare guide that teaches you about each product line!

Corporate Onboarding

FARMASI also offers a comprehensive onboarding, entitled "Glow Academy," which covers everything you need to know to get started. 

This includes:
• compliance
• opportunity plan 
• messenger parties
• selling the set
• our nutrition line, Nutriplus
• our skincare line, Dr. C Tuna
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More About Farmasi
If you haven't made your decision yet... here's some more information about our company and history.


We believe in the power of beauty. Every woman deserves to feel like her most beautiful, empowered self. True, authentic beauty has the ability to bring people together, and create an unshakable community. We know that beauty is born on the inside, which is why we love to celebrate every shade and shape, but also every culture and every background.

We believe in the power of self expression. We give women the opportunity to create the life of their dreams, which opens the door to joy, confidence and independence. At FARMASI, we provide the tools and support to help women experience the success and fulfillment that they’ve always wanted.

We believe in the power of intention. A person‘s life is not defined by their circumstances, but rather by what they choose to do with the opportunities they’ve been given. At FARMASI, the sky is the limit - Beauty Influencers are able to achieve the highest level of success, no matter where they live, or where they’re from.

We believe in the power of integrity. Always holding ourselves to the highest level of honesty and accountability, we never test on animals or cut corners. We use powerful, natural, high-quality ingredients to create premium products that are also good for you and your family. After all, YOU are part of our FARMASI Family.

We believe everyone has the power to empower. As a company, we aim to improve the lives of women and men all over the world, by providing the most profitable direct selling business opportunity in our industry, and in turn, the opportunity for our people to change the lives of others. We create leaders, people that not only have the ability to change their community, but the power to change the world.
Joining Farmasi means joining over 70 years of success.
A company backed by years of innovation and strong leadership–a company trusted in over 30 countries. You can't find a track record as strong anywhere else.


Dr. Cevdet Tuna, one of Turkey’s first doctors, started FARMASI over 70 years ago. He established one of the first pharmaceutical factories in Turkey, Tege Pharmaceutical Factory. Dr. Tuna formulated some of the first Turkish medicinal products including cough syrup; painkillers; burn ointment; and cough lozenges.

Since 1950, when Dr. Cevdet Tuna entered the beauty and health sector, he founded the brand we love today. Since then, FARMASI has established itself as an innovative, reliable, sustainable, and leading brand that best understands the needs of both its customers and Beauty Influencers.

Dr. C. Tuna loved his work and believed that people are the most valuable assets of a company, investing heavily to educate employees and create incredible business partners.
This landing page serves as a resource for Farmasi Beauty Influencers that fall under the Lotus Tribe downline. This website and content is not claiming to be and is not directly associated with Farmasi corporate. This landing page does not suggest any income claims. Success will depend on several factors, such as time devoted, hard work, dedication, and exceptional leadership. The income disclosure statement is attached for reference.